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There are hundreds of ways to potentially file for Social Security benefits?
The major but common mistakes retirees make when turning on that income?
Small choices that can make a big tax-advantaged impact?
60% if Social Security recipients start taking their income as soon as they're eligible?
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Many people are leaving money on the table when they take their Social Security benefits. Depending on your situation, there can be benefits to waiting  year, a couple years, a few years.
Find Out The Secrets In This Popular Book
  •  Early Retirement Penalties
  •  Changing Full Retirement Ages
  •  Credits For Delayed Retirement
  •  Primary Benefits
  •  Spousal Benefits
  •  Restricted Applications
  •  Suspended Benefits
  •  Divorcee Benefits
  •  Widow(er) Benefits
  •  Children's Benefits
  •  Child in Care Exceptions
  •  Earning Restrictions 
  •  The Social Security "Tax Torpedo"
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